Top 20 Small and MidCap Stocks with more than 60% Returns Since September 2014

Here is a list of 20 Small and Mid-Cap Stocks which have given returns of more than 60% since the last 6 months and they have a strong potential to become multibagger stocks and earn more wealth for their investors in the years to come.

Top 20 Small and MidCap Stocks with more than 60% Returns Since September 2014
Shreyas Shipping 310% returns 
Kellton Tech 155% returns
Pochiraju 142% returns
Sun Pharma Adv 139% returns
Freshtrop Fruits 129% returns
Kitex Garments 120% returns
IFB industries 116% returns
Century Plyboard 112% returns
Mirza Intl 95% returns
Maxwell 93% returns
Cupid Rubbers 81% returns
Hydro S&S 77% returns
ITD Cementation 77% returns
Capital trust 75% returns
NCC 71% returns
Logix Micro 69% returns
Fineotex Chemicals 68% returns
Indian Terrain 68% returns
DLink India 67% returns
Zen Tech 66% returns
Atul Auto 62% returns

Out of the above 20 stocks, The Top 7 stocks from Shreyas Shipping to Century Plyboard have given excess of 110% returns followed by Mirza International at 95%. Shreyas Shipping has been the stellar performer with more than 300% returns within the last 6 months thus creating great wealth for its investors and it still has a great potential to rise upwards. So if you look at the current market of the top 7 stocks from the above list you can observe that all of them have given consistent returns and look very positive in long term wealth creation.


Anand Stocks Recommendation Monthly Performance Update for October 2014

One Month ago we had published the list of stocks which are recommended by a moneycontrol message board member Anand24243. Anand is well known on that forum to recommend high performing stocks and today we publish a returns performance report comprising of Returns calculated from 4th September which was the original day when we published the first recommendation post till yesterday 24th October 2014.

49% Returns on Anand Stock Performance Monthly Update 4th Sept – 24 Oct 2014 

We are pleased to note that Anand has not failed us or our readers and his recommendations were able to give a handsome return of 49% from 4th September till 24th October and a return of 12% if you had invested exactly a month ago on 24th September 2014.

Poddar Developers was the star stock of the month with a return of a staggering 353% at a current market price of Rs 814.8 when compared to the price of Rs 180 only on 4th September.

Stylam Industries followed next with a return of 79% at current market price of Rs 91.05 when compared to the September 4th price at Rs 50.08

Force Motors takes third place with a return of 60% at current market price of Rs 1303.02 when compared to the September 4th price at Rs 813.75

Complete Performance Tracker of Anand’s Stocks Recommendations from Sept – Oct 2014

Anand Stock Performance

Top 16 High Growth Diwali Dhamaka Stock Recommendations

Happy Diwali to Poor Man Portfolio ReadersDiwali is considered to be a very auspicious festival of lights and it holds a big significance in the Indian stock markets as well as it’s regarded to bring a lot of prosperity to businesses, so every year Indian stock market traders conduct a mahurat trading session to mark this festival and Diwali is known to bring good returns especially in the last few years starting from 2009 to 2014.

We at wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2014.

Poor Man Portfolio is pleased to announce their first ever list of Top 16 Stocks which have the potential to outperform the major indices and can benefit our investors in the coming one year.

We recommend a minimum investment of Rs 10000 in each stock to earn a substantial benefit in the coming 1 year.

The following stocks have also been recommended in the past by leading investors in the Indian stock market and we believe they hold a major growth potential even if you invest in them now.


Poor Man Portfolio Diwali Dhamaka Top 16 High Growth Stock Portfolio

Dynacons Tech
RS Software
Kitex Garments
La Opala RG
LG Balakrishnan
Hydro SandS Ind
TVS Motor
Apollo Tyres
Capri Global
Cupid Rubbers
Ybrant Digital
Mold Tek Packaging


Please invest atleast Rs 10000 in each of the above stock to gain maximum benefit until the next diwali. PoorManPortfolio will provide regular updates on the portfolio performance.

Go ahead and Invest and enjoy a great diwali.


Kavi53 and Alpha15 from Moneycontrol Recommendations of Small & Mid Cap Stock with High 10 Fold Returns Potential

Apart from Anand, 2 other prominent members of the Moneycontrol Messaging Board are Kavi53 and Alpha15.

The stocks recommended by them in the past have consistently given high returns as proved by the regular moneycontrol forum members who followed their advice and invested in their recommended stocks and gradually went on to generate high returns on their investments.

Both Kavi53 and alpha15 recommend buying and keeping the stock for a long run to enjoy maximum returns on your investment.

So here are their recommendations.

Kavi53 Stock Recommendations:

  • Nectar Life Sciences
  • Parabolic Drugs
  • BAFNA Pharmaceuticals,
  • Jubilant Life Sciences,
  • Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Suven Life Sciences
  • Ybrant Digital
  • Tanla Solutions
  • Allied Digital
  • Pochiraju Industries
  • Piramal Phytocare
  • Punj Lloyd
  • Spice Mobility
  • Future Consumer Enterprise
  • Himachal Futuristic Communication (HFCL)
  • Bharat Forge
  • Strides Arcolab
  • Wockhardt

Alpha15 Stock Recommendations:

  • Ybrant Digital
  • Tanla Solutions
  • Shilpi Cables
  • Sudar Industries
  • Suven Life Sciences
  • Neo Corp International
  • Avance Technologies

All these stocks are performing well currently and I suggest a buy as they definitely look 10 fold return stocks based on both Kavi and Alpha’s excellent track record of stock recommendations in the past.

Anand from MoneyControl Recommends Stocks with High Returns

There is another investor who I am following keenly and who believes in getting high returns for his low investments – The Ideal Poorman strategy which is Invest low and get high returns in the long run.

He is Anand and he is very popular on Forums, He is known as anand24243, You can access his profile by clicking his username.

His stock recommendations have given more than Five times the returns over a year’s period as on today – 4th September 2014, and his mantra is to Hold on to your stock holdings even when the price goes down and dont believe the hype of selling of when price decreases, Instead he says – use the low price to your advantage and buy more quantity of stock just like Warren Buffett.

Here is the list of stocks that Anand recommends as a Must Buy for High Returns

  • JBM Auto Ltd.
  • Force Motors
  • SML Isuzu
  • MM Forgings
  • Ahmednagar Forgings
  • Excel Industries
  • Control Print
  • Alphageo
  • Poddar Developers
  • Hester BioSciences
  • Shilpi Cable
  • Ybrant Digital
  • Wonderla Holidays
  • Stylam Industries Ltd. (Recommended by  Anand on 8th September 2014)
  • Capri Global Capital (Recommended by  Anand on 15th October 2014)
  • SNL Bearings (Recommended by Anand on 2nd November 2014)
  • TechNVision Ventures (Recommended by Anand on 2nd November 2014)
  • NGL Fine Chem (Recommended by Anand on 2nd November 2014)
  • Lincoln Pharmaceuticals (Recommended by Anand on 17th November 2014)
  • Shreyas Shipping (Recommended by Anand on 24th November 2014)
  • National Fittings (Recommended by Anand on 24th November 2014)


Message by Anand on the Moneycontrol Message Board on 16th September 2014

Pls add Ybrant Digital to yur portfolio as much as yu want/can , Pls Buy Ybrant , Pls Buy Ybrant …… 100 times , do yu want me to Repeat 100 times , Ybrant Digital is the best stock to add at around Rs 58 , Thn go for JBM Auto , MM Forgings , Wonderla , Ahmednagar Forging , Shilpi Cable , Do it fast all bro/sis , Ybrant is Rising Up fast almost every day its Up , Its the future stock ,Growth story wil continue for many years to come.

Anand does not believe in Stop Loss as his principle lies in Holding on the stock and not panicking in case if the price goes down. He waits until the prices rises again and its upto the buyer to sell and book profits or continue investing.

The above stocks have performed really well in the long run and are consistently giving high returns to their investors, and a few of them have hit Upper Circuit (UC) on the BSE too, ACT Now and fast – Go ahead and Invest!

All the best 🙂





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