Kavi53 and Alpha15 from Moneycontrol Recommendations of Small & Mid Cap Stock with High 10 Fold Returns Potential

Apart from Anand, 2 other prominent members of the Moneycontrol Messaging Board are Kavi53 and Alpha15.

The stocks recommended by them in the past have consistently given high returns as proved by the regular moneycontrol forum members who followed their advice and invested in their recommended stocks and gradually went on to generate high returns on their investments.

Both Kavi53 and alpha15 recommend buying and keeping the stock for a long run to enjoy maximum returns on your investment.

So here are their recommendations.

Kavi53 Stock Recommendations:

  • Nectar Life Sciences
  • Parabolic Drugs
  • BAFNA Pharmaceuticals,
  • Jubilant Life Sciences,
  • Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Suven Life Sciences
  • Ybrant Digital
  • Tanla Solutions
  • Allied Digital
  • Pochiraju Industries
  • Piramal Phytocare
  • Punj Lloyd
  • Spice Mobility
  • Future Consumer Enterprise
  • Himachal Futuristic Communication (HFCL)
  • Bharat Forge
  • Strides Arcolab
  • Wockhardt

Alpha15 Stock Recommendations:

  • Ybrant Digital
  • Tanla Solutions
  • Shilpi Cables
  • Sudar Industries
  • Suven Life Sciences
  • Neo Corp International
  • Avance Technologies

All these stocks are performing well currently and I suggest a buy as they definitely look 10 fold return stocks based on both Kavi and Alpha’s excellent track record of stock recommendations in the past.