Ybrant Digital – Potential Multibagger Stock with Promising High Returns

YBrant Digital (BSE:YBRANTDIGI) can be a potential multibagger grab. This stock surely promises a high return definitely.

It was trading at a price of Rs 34.85 exactly a month ago on 4th of August 2014 and Today Morning of 4th September, The stock has risen to a price of Rs 51.05. The stock has risen at a price of Rs 16.2 at an increase of 46.48% which is very impressive indeed.

I definitely recommend existing investors who own YBrant Digital shares to hold on to their investments and let it grow. New Investors can definetely buy it and hold on it for high gains in the long run.

According to another Investor Blogger Yogi – The Multibagger Potential of Ybrant Digital is as follows:


Strategic acquisitions:
1. Ybrant Digital acquires Serbia based email marketing platform ‘Volo MP’ and US based ‘Medios One’ in the year 2006
2. Acquires US based online ad network company ‘Ad Dynamix’ for USD 10 million and Israel based ‘Oridian’ for USD 13 million in 2007
3. Further acquires Argentina company ‘Dream Ad’ and Australian company ‘Max Interactive’ in all cash deals in 2009. Max Interactive is strong in Asia Pacific.
4. Acquires US based Lycos Inc for USD 36 million in the year 2010, resulting in a wholly owned subsidiary. Lycos, headquartered in Massachusetts US, is a prominent internet brand with diverse businesses such as Gamesville.comTripod.comHotBot.com and Angelfire.com
5. Acquires minority stake in Israel based ‘Web 3.0‘in April 2011
6. The company acquires PriceGrabberLowerMyBills and ClassesUSA.com owned by UK based Experian for USD 175 million in the year 2012

Yogi’s TAKE
Digital revolution is here to stay. Internet, Search, Social media, Web portals, games and web applications will find increased usage all across the world. Increased adaptation and multitude of apps will keep smart phone and mobile phone usage on the growth path. All these will compel the corporations and companies across the world to advertise on the internet and mobile networks. The wallet share for advertising and marketing revenue by the new media will continue to increase in the coming years.
Due to the multitude of acquisitions over the last few years, and a foothold in diverse and significant space of Digital marketing and advertising; Ybrant Digital is well positioned to grow its revenues across multiple geographies and thereby increase its margins and profitability.

A high potential multibagger!!

Ybrant Digital has reported a consolidated sales turnover of Rs 456.26 crore and a net profit of Rs 83.54 crore for the quarter ended Jun ’14. Other income for the quarter was Rs 1.13 crore. For the quarter ended Mar 2014 the consolidated sales turnover was Rs 408.02 crore and net profit was Rs 35.14 crore, and other income Rs -11.28 crore. Ybrant Digital shares closed at 35.65 on July 30, 2014 (BSE) and has given 204.44% returns over the last 6 months and 554.13% over the last 12 months.

So as you can see with the impressive last quarter performance and returns of 554% in a year, Ybrant Digital has all the makings of a Potential Multibagger. – A Must Buy